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There's no magic amount of life insurance someone should buy because every person and every situation differs. You need life insurance that specifically meets your circumstances. If you already have life insurance, but you recently experienced a life-changing event such as buying a house or having a baby, you should meet with your insurance agent to re-examine your needs.


Your work may provide life insurance at one or two times your current annual salary. It may allow employees to purchase term insurance to supplement. Think for a moment if your family could pay all of your funeral expenses and live off of the coverage of one year's salary. If your spouse is unemployed, could they obtain a viable position quickly that would cover all of the household bills.


Let Bazemore-Abner Insurance Group help you determine if your life insurance can cover your needs. We can help you project after death costs for your family. 

Life Insurance

Most financial advisors recommend consumers review their life insurance regularly to ensure it could properly cover their estate planning and financial needs.


Bazemore-Abner Insurance Group can help you determine if your employer's plan provides enough coverage. We can also help you determine what type of life insurance best suits you if you don't receive employment insurance.


Life insurance can do much more than pay for your funeral expenses. You'll choose from the following types of life insurance:

  • Term life: Provides coverage for a specific time period or until you reach a specific age. Policies usually last for one, five, 10, 15, or 20 years or until 65 or 100.

  • Whole life: Provides lifetime coverage at a static premium.

  • Universal life: Provides a flexible premium and death benefit. You can change either after purchase.

  • Child life: Provides coverage for medical costs relating to the death of a child.


You or someone who has an "insurable interest" can buy insurance. In most states, your immediate family qualifies as having an insurable interest.

& see how much you could save!

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