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Property Insurance

Property coverage is necessary whether a business leases or owns its premise. It covers inventory, equipment, furniture and signage against fire, storm, and theft. However, the policy doesn't ensure businesses against disasters including earthquakes and floods. Consider buying a business interruption policy if your business is susceptible.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Add workers' compensation coverage to your business insurance after hiring the first worker. It covers disability, death benefits and medical treatment in case they get injured while working. Medical conditions including the carpal tunnel syndrome could lead to costly lawsuits. Furthermore, an employee can get grievous slip-and-fall injuries in your business premise.

Businesses need the right commercial insurance to avoid significant financial losses. Bazemore-Abner Insurance Group is an experienced insurance provider . We have skilled agents who are ready to guide you. Call us for a free consultation.

Commercial Insurance

Every business faces specific risks. A major disaster or a lawsuit can hinder your enterprise from growing. Fortunately, Bazemore-Abner Insurance Group offers the following commercial insurance policies to protect you and your business.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability coverage is vital for product manufacturers. Even if you have strict quality assessment policies for your products, one of your products can harm a client leading to a lawsuit. You can customize your insurance policy to cover specific products.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you have company vehicles, it's necessary to ensure them to protect your business against liability in case of an accident. We cover them against third-party damage. If your employees use their cars to travel to work, their personal insurance covers them against crashes.

Business Interruption Insurance

Frequently, catastrophes and disasters interrupt major business operations. They prevent your staff from working in the office, manufacturing or selling products leading to loss of income. Business interruption insurance reimburses you lost income during such difficult times.

Professional Liability Coverage

At Bazemore-Abner Insurance, we protect businesses against negligence claims as a result of harm due to mistakes. Different industries have individual concerns. Customize your professional liability policy to suit your business' needs.

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