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Liability: Liability covers the damage when we are at fault. Liability coverage will cover repairs to the vehicle we damaged as well as medical expenses. Every state requires liability coverage, but many people select higher liability limits to protect their assets. If a driver is found liable for damages and the liability doesn't cover the entire amount, present and future wages can be garnished.

Person Injury Protection: This provides coverage for medical expenses regardless of who is at fault. Many people may feel that their existing health insurance is sufficient, but PIP covers lost wages and rehabilitation expenses too. This coverage provides extra peace of mind.

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Auto Insurance

The insurance professionals at Bazemore-Abner Insurance Group suggest a full auto insurance review to assure you have the best coverage and receive the discounts you're entitled to receive.

Understand the Terminology

We have to understand what the different types of coverage provided to make wise decisions about what we need. The age of our car, our financial situation and the way we use our car to help determine the coverage we should purchase.

Comprehensive: The term comprehensive when talking about auto insurance may be confusing. It sounds like this covers anything that might happen to our car, truck or SUV. But that's not the case. Comprehensive covers any damage to our vehicle not caused by a collision with another vehicle. Comprehensive pays for repair or replacement of your vehicle if a tree falls on it, hail damage or hitting a deer. It covers theft, vandalism, and riots.

Collision: The collision portion of our auto insurance is what covers when you hit another car or object, like a bridge or power pole. This coverage protects you if you drive someone else's car or when you are driving a newly-acquired vehicle. No matter who is at fault, we will get a check for the damage.

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