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Motorhome Insurance

We provide several motorhome insurance policies such as:

  • Bodily injury liability: It covers insured motorists if they injure or kill someone in an insured accident.

  • Property damage liability: We protect insurance holders who damage an individual's property in an insured boat accident.

  • Medical payments insurance: We pay medical bills if you, your passengers or family members get injured in an accident.

  • Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance: Bazemore-Abner Insurance Group covers medical and funeral expenses if you or your household gets injured or killed in an insured accident.


Are you interested in reliable recreational insurance? Bazemore-Abner Insurance Group insures boats, motorhomes, and recreational vehicles at affordable rates. We have vast experience in the insurance industry.

Recreational Insurance

 Bazemore-Abner Insurance Group offers affordable recreational coverage.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

We offer several RV policies including:

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage (BIPD): It covers property damage and bodily injury due to an accident. However, we don't pay punitive costs.

  • Uninsured Motorists and Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM): We refund you for bodily injuries caused by an insured motorist. Also, we compensate you for variations in the at-fault party's policy limit and your bodily injury damage.

  • Medical payments: It covers you and other occupants against medical costs due to an accident.

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): We pay for medical treatment costs and provide for a death benefit, funeral benefit, and work loss benefit.

  • Total loss replacement: In case an accident occurs, our total loss policy offers you a new recreational vehicle of the same class, body type, and size.

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance covers motorboats and sailboats against damage and theft. At our agency, we offer the following boat coverage:

  • Property coverage: We protect your boat from particular risks. The policy helps in repairing damaged boats on land or water.

  • Liability coverage: We cover you if you damage someone else' boat and property or if you injure them in an accident.

  • Medical payments insurance: It pays for medical bills incurred after getting injured in an accident on a boat.

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