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Things Not Covered by Home Insurance

It's important to know what your home insurance does not cover. Here are some other things not included in home insurance policies:

  • Flood damage

  • Earthquake damage

  • Auto or boat theft

  • Theft of your dog

  • Injuries inside or outside to you or family members

  • Replacing worn-out appliances or furnaces

Contact a Bazemore-Abner Insurance Group insurance professional for a home insurance review. We recommend that you have a full replacement value policy to ensure that you are covered by rising home values and increased construction costs. If you are in a designated floodplain, be sure to ask about flood insurance.

Home Insurance

Bazemore-Abner Insurance Group reminds you that your home is one of the largest investments you have. Protect your home and your family's security with home insurance to cover those things you hadn't considered.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Obviously, home insurance covers your home if it is totally destroyed by a fire, lightning strike, tornado or wind storm. Your home insurance also covers personal property like furniture and appliances. In many instances, the basic coverage is not enough to fully protect your investment.


Talk to your insurance professional about how you can fully protect yourself when purchasing home insurance. You might need to add additional personal property coverage is you own expensive electronics. If your furniture includes heirloom antiques, add a rider to cover those pieces. You'll need to add a rider for expensive jewelry too.


Your policy will cover damage to your home, even if your home is not destroyed. If the wind blows off part of your roof and torrential rain damages several rooms, your home insurance will cover the damage. Most home insurance provides basic coverage for outbuildings too - these include a garage or storage shed.


If your home is damaged and not inhabitable, home insurance will cover the cost of a hotel and restaurant expenditures.

& see how much you could save!

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